Commercial Services, Suppliers, etc.

Conservation services are also provide by some Not For Profit organizations, such as regional conservation centers. These are listed on Organizations involved with / Allied to Conservation

Resources at other sites

The following are links to online resources offered by commercial entities. The are listed here as a service to the conservation community. Listing here does not imply endorsement of any products or services offered by these firms, nor does absence of a listing imply any criticism of a product or service. Please reread that sentence. Now read it again. Thanks.

If you know of a web-accessible resource offerred by a commercial entity that you think would be of value to professionals involved with the conservation of museum, archive, or library materials, please send the URL to


Analytic services
The Artifact Research Center (The ARC) (analysis and interpretation of archaeological and archived material)
Environmental Microbiology Laboratory, Inc. (analysis of fung and bacteria, sampling products)
Heritage Testing Ltd (Consulting historic buildings, environmental, iand materials scientists)
Orion Analytical, LLC (Scientific examination and analysis of materials)
RTI Laboratories, Inc. (environmental and metallurgical/materials testing)

Conservation/Restoration Services
See also Bookbinding, Library binding above, as the distinction between binding and book conservation is indistinct
American Conservation Consortium, Ltd. (conservation services)
Alinari Archives (photograph archives, appraisal, conservation)
Art Restoration Services, Charlottesville, VA
Ancient Artways Studios (conservation and restoration of historic american Indian textiles, porcupine quillwork and beadwork)
ArtCare & Consulting, of Sao Paolo, Brazil (Conservation of paintings, wooden artifacts, architectural renderings)
ARTEX Fine Art Services (Art conservation, packing, shipping, installation, storage)
The Art Shield. Antique Furniture Conservation and Restoration Online Services
Richard C. Baker (Rare books and paper documents)
Blagbrough Galleries, Inc. (Fine art conservation)
The Book Craftsman (Family bible restoration, bookbinding)
Boston Art Conservation (conservation services)
Bowthorpe Restorations (Porcelain, China)
Nicolas Boyes Stone Conservation
Bradshaw and Whelan (Restoration and conservation of ceramics)
Cape Cod Scale Watercraft (conservation and restoration of antique shipmodels)
Century Art Glass (Stained glass conservation)
Chicago Conservation Center (paintings, paper, objects, murals, frames, gilded artifacts, textiles)
CCC - Collections Care & Consult, Jaap v.d. Burg (Museum conservation services)
Cultural Preservation & Restoration (conservation of archaeological artifacts, wood, metal, stone, ceramic, glass, ethnographic materials, conservation assessments, surveys, freeze-drying services)
Ivan Cveji} (Conservation of gilded wooden objects)
Dharohar Art Conservation Center
Craig Deller (Wooden objects conservation)
De Saram's Incorporated (wood and stone conservation)
Antoinette Dwan (Paper conservation)
Eclipse Paper Conservation
Eura Conservation Ltd. (indoor and outdoor metals conservation)
Evergreene Painting Studios, Inc. (Paintings conservation)
La Fototeca (Conservation and manag ement of photographics archives>
The LV.Greyes Partnership (textile and furnishings conservation)
Scott M. haskins (Fine Art Conservator)
Hayko (Carpet and tapestry conservation)
Janet W. Hessling (surveys, consultation, mural treatment)
Historic Plaster Conservation Services
Hudson & Salah (Paintings and paper conservation)
Jensen Conservation Services, Inc. (Conservation of three-dimensional art)
Robert Kipp, (Conservation and restoration services, paper)
Knops Boekrestauratie (Restoration and Conservation of Books and Paper)
Uri Kolodny (Restoration of books, scrolls)
Lynn Lancaster Gorges (Textile consultant)
McKay Lodge, Inc. (Paintings, paper, sculpture, objects)
The Centre for Photographic Conservation--Ian and Angela Moor (Photograph conservation)
Paul Messier (Photograph conservation; Paper conservation)
James Moss Clockmakers, Inc.
Movie Poster Page Encapsulation Service
Mueller Kaiser Plating Co., Inc.
Mike Murray - Mike's Clock Clinic (Repair of Atmos and 400-day or Anniversary clocks)
Museum Conservation Services, Ltd. (graphic works on paper)
Howard Newman (restoration of metal objects)
Graham Newton (Audio restoration)
Nordic Creations Inc. (Furniture restoration)
Northern States Conservation Center (collection care, preservation and conservation treatment services)
Northwest Art Objects Conservation (Restoration, Conservation, Consultation, Collection Mangement)
Oriental Rug Repair Co. (Navajo rug repair and cleaning)
Alma Ortolan (fine art restoration)
Paperworks, Studio for Paper Conservation (fine art conservation services)
Parasmoon Company Restoration Department (restoration of historical buildings, cultural works, books, archives,documents)
Parker Studios (Pottery restoration)
Sarah Peek (Ceramics, Glass, Enamels)
Mauro José Pereira (Fans)
RandTech Archival Conservation (Book and Paper Preservation)
Herbert Read (Conservation of stone, ceramics, plaster paint, wood)
Restauro Arte Del Legno (restoration of carved wood)
Ruelle's, (furniture restoration, appraisal)
Schempp (Book and paper restoration)
S/R Laboratories animation art conservation center
Maria José Távora (Book restoration and library conservation)
MacDowell Restorations (conservation of antique dolls, ceramics and glass)
R-Craft (Bookbinding, Archive conservation) Art Shifrin (audio restoration)
Specs Bros (videotape restoration)
Stillwater Textile Conservation Studio, LLC
Thompson Conservation Laboratory
Tsöndrü Thangka Conservation
Tudhope Conservation Studio (paper, photographs, parchment)
University of Dundee Conservation Unit (conservation of library, archive materials, art on paper, surveys)
VIDIPAX, The Magnetic Media Restoration Company
Vintage Ink and Paint (restoration of animation art)
Virginia Art Conservation and Restoration (paintings)
Nancy Weaver (Fine arts restoration)
Andrew Wheeler (Art on paper)
West Lake Conservators (Art conservation services)
Woodstock Art & Archive Conservation Center (Conservation services)
Robert E. Wynne-Jones (Paper conservation)
ZFB - Zentrum fur Bucherhaltung (Mass deacidification, papersplitting, leafcasting, etc.)

Bookbinding, Library binding
See also Conservation/Restoration Services above, as the distinction between binding and book conservation is blurry

Acme Bookbinding
Ann and Tom Bellino, The Bookmenders (bible restoration)
Bridgeport National Bindery, Inc/
Cardoza-James Binding Company
Buchbinderei M. J. Decker, Bonn
Eden Workshops
Ginesta & Gross (Bookbinding)
Denis Gouey (fine bookbinding and restoration)
Heckman Bindery, Inc. (Library binding, book conservation)
Houchen Bindery, Ltd. (Library binding, bible restoration)
Information Conservation, Inc. (ICI)
Kreps Bookbinding (Bookbinding, bibles, book restoration)
Long's-Roullet Bookbinders, Inc.
Max Marbles (Bookbinding, family bible repair)
Ateliers Muriel Maire (Bookbinding, restoration)
Buchbinderei Mende
Brian Roberts The Book Doctor
Paul Sawyer (Hand bookbinding and restoration)
Traditional Book Arts (Bookbinding, Calligraphy)
Josee Van Loon (Fine Bookbinding, Conservation of Books and Archives Paper, leather and parchment)
Wallaceburg Bookbinding

Data Recovery Services/Data Disaster Prevention
DriveSavers (data recovery)
Excalibur Data Recovery
Intra Computer, Inc. (Automated environmental monitoring and disaster prevention for computer amd server rooms)
Tri-Logic Systems

Disaster and Emergency Response Services
The Artifact Research Center - The ARC (freeze-drying)
Blackmon Mooring Steamatic Catastrophe, Inc., BMS CAT (Desiccant dehumidification)
Document Reprocessors (Disaster recovery services for water and fire damaged materials)
Document Restorations, Inc. (Freeze Drying)
Freezedry Specialties, Inc.
Midwest Freeze-Dry Ltd. (Low pressure, Dielectric freeze drying)
Munters (Desiccant dehumidifiers, humidity control, water damage recovery)
Priority One Mitigation (Quality Management System for property loss-mitigation)
Ree-Construction (Structural and contents restoration)
See also ProText under Suppliers, below

Mass Deacidification
Battelle Ingenieurtechnik GmbH
Libertec Bibliothekendienst GmbH
Neschen AG
Nitrochemie Wimmis AG (Battelle process)
Preservation Technologies, L.P. (Bookkeeper)
Wei T'o Associates, Inc.
ZFB (Zentrum für Buch-Erhaltung GmbH (Battelle process)

Microfilming, Scanning, Imaging, Reformatting
AEL Data Management Services (Data conversion services)
Ataraxia Studio (carbon printing, pigment printing)
Challenge Industries, Inc (Preservation microfilming)
Del Mar Data (Data conversion services)
Hudson Microimaging (Preservation microfilming, digitization, microfilm digitization)
Just Black & White (Custom photographic processing lab, copying and enhancing
JJT Inc. faded salt and albumen prints, daguerreotypes, tintypes, ambrotypes etc.)
Luna Imaging, Inc.
Muller Media Conversions, Inc. (Conversion Services, Systems, Consulting, Systems Migration, Litigation/Electronic Evidence/FOIA, Electronic Records Preservation, Document Managent, Migration, Custom Software Development)
Northern Micrographics, Inc. (Microfilming, imaging, document conversion, etc)
Pivotmedia (imaging, digital archiving, digital restoration)
Preservation Resources (preservation microfilming and scanning)
Norman Ross Publishing, Inc. (microfilming, microfilming equipment)
Systems Integration Group, Inc. (SIG) (scanning, text conversion, SGML encoding)
VTLS Inc. (imaging services, indexing, web access interfaces and digitization)
Wyoming Cooperative Scanning Project
See also Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc., below

Storage Facilities
Naglee Fine Arts (Storage, shipping)
Hollywood Vaults (storage of film, tape, photographic and digital media)

Other Services
Roberto Cavallini (Consultant engineer, display cases, environmental control, lighting, security)
Video-Aire Environmental Services (mold remediation, training, hazardous material abatement)
Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. (research, consulting, on fading etc, on photographic and digital images)
John Leeke (historic preservation consultant, disaster information)
Transport Consultants International, Inc. (TCI) (art shipping)


General Scientific and analytic supplies
Advance Scientific & Chemicals, Inc.
Beckman Instruments
Fisher Scientific
grip - engineering (grips and fixtures for tensile testing)
Science Alliance
Sigma-Aldrich Co
Sigma Browsable On-line Catalog
Thomas Scientific

Books on conservation topics
Archetype Publications (Publishers and booksellers in conservation, archaeology, museum studies)
Atelier Bootleg (reprints of books on art technique, etc.)
Northern Lights Gallery, ApS (photographic books, conservation supplies)
Oak Knoll Books
Siegl's Bookstore
Ken Spelman Rare and Antiquarian Books

Leather, Goldbeater's Skin, Collagen, Skin and Membrane products
Antique Leathers (for table lining and upholstery)
Harmatan's Leathers
J. Hewit & Sons Ltd. (tanners and leather dressers, also bookbinding tools, equipment)
Inden Witten Hasewint/Henk de Groot (Parchment, Goldbeaters skin)

Resources at other sites

"AntiqueRestorers.Com is a online community of restorers sharing ideas with each other and providing information and advice about the restoration and care of antiques, porcelain, furniture, glass, art, pottery, fine art, and fine art frames"

A virtual Trade Fair covering a wide variety of areas of interest to museum professionals.

ISA Directory of Instrumentation OnLine
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