Advanced techniques for the identification of photographic processes, Buffalo State College Art Conservation Program, June 24 – 28, 2013

Jiuan Jiuan Chen


Location: Art Conservation Department, Buffalo State College

Instructors: Jiuan Jiuan Chen, Cory Rogge, Aaron Shugar

Workshop assistant: Krista Lough


Brief Description

The goal of the workshop is to train Hermitage conservators the comprehensive approaches to identify and characterize photographic materials.  The whole workshop will be based on problem solving approach, from simple, accessible methods to sophisticated analytical techniques.  They will be confident in working independently or working as a team to go through the process of elimination and process of confirmation to identify photographic materials or narrow down the possibility.

The focus will be on monochromatic prints.  Color photographs (both additive and subtractive systems), digital prints, photographs on rigid supports, and negatives will be covered as well, though they will not be the main focus.  The idea is to give them the tools, teach them how to use them well, so they can apply the tools to any different kind of situation.  If time permits, every participant (or a team) will make a Powerpoint (with a given template) to present their practical exercise and result.

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