Advisory Committee Meeting III, The State Hermitage Museum, April 19 – 21, 2011


LECTURES, Day 1, Tuesday April 19

10:30 AM Greeting by director Piotrovsky at his office

Color Photography Workshop

10:40 – 13:30 Analog color photography: Key processes generally found in collecting institutions, Paul Messier 14:40 – 17:00 An overview of digital photography with an emphasis on “fine art” printing, Franziska Frey

PRIVATE MEETINGS, Day 2, Wednesday April 20

10:30‐ 11:30

Procedures for transfer and documentation of Mellon funds including an outline for procurement of supplies, materials and equipment

11:30 – 13:30

Updates on Adaksina proposal and progress with KAMIS, and: Developing controlled vocabularies for KAMIS conservation module

Brief daguerreotype publication meeting

Private business meeting between PM and VF, TB. KB attended.

15:00 – 16:30

Proposed daguerreotype documentation workshop PM, KB meet with N. Krestyaniniva, Hermitage lawyer with XXI. 18:00 ‐ Orientation meeting, Kempinski Lobby (Mellon only).


Visiting the room proposed for daguerreotype workshop. Morning session – “public”

10:30 ‐ 13:00

1. Presentation by Hermitage staff:

a. Sayatina: progress report on conservation workshops b. Avetyan: curatorial perspective on workshops c. T.Baranova report d. N.Grishanova and Kirill Romanov – report.

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