Digitization and Cataloguing Workshop, The State Hermitage Museum, October 27 – 29, 2010

Robert Burton & Franziska Frey

Conference room at the Hermitage Consecutive translation

Wednesday October 27


Introduction Rationale: Case statement (what will attendees get out of this workshop) Introduction Paul Messier

1. Digitization and cataloguing are interwoven strategies: Cataloguing provides access and imparts a critical measure of intellectual and administrative control. Digital imaging provides incredibly versatile levels of access as well as yielding essential documentation of condition. Together cataloguing and digitization provide a platform for integration with other institutions.

2. 90 minutes RB: “Cataloguing Historical Photographs” 45 minutes presentation (20 slides) In general, this presentation will cover the importance of cataloguing historical photograph collections, the core elements and how to describe photographs, the various tools and standards used in cataloguing photographs, and the challenges to cataloguing photographs. It will include examples of various cataloguing records from diverse sources, which will be translated. 45 minutes discussion (KB note taker?)

3. 90 minutes FF: “Digitizing Historical Photographs” 45 minutes presentation (20 slides) The presentation will ground participants in the idea of best practice approaches to digitization and digital imaing; introduce international “standards” that have emerged in this field and explain the rationale for standardization. As a result of the implentation of these standards the documentation produced can easily travel across institutions and connect the Hermitage to international efforts. Starting a standard-based digitization project now lets the Hermitage take full advantage off all the work that has already been done by others.

4. 45 minutes discussion (KB note taker)

Thursday October 28 10:30AM-12:30PM; 2PM-6PM

Request presentations from

1. Svetlana Adaskina (or designee) to present current cataloguing strategies and future initiatives at the Hermitage. Review of goals within the Hermitage ingeneral and for photograph collections specifically. Inventory and cataloguing standards and protocols – 1 hour

2. Photographic documentation of conservation activities – tour/presentation? 1.5 hours

3. RB catalogues a photograph and the participants do one in groups of two; pass out photograph, do cataloguing, talk about results 1.5 hours

4. FF presents problems of high quality digital documentation 30 minutes  Repeatability. What are the references in the photographs, where do they come from, etc. Analog to digital transition Preservation issues of digital documentation

5. PM presents what he is doing in his studio (different types of imaging; show practical set-up) 30 minutes

Friday October 29 10:30AM-12:30PM; 2PM-4:30PM

1. Natalia Avetyan: What has she done electronically? Both cataloguing and digitization.

2. Tour of cataloging “department” and/or photography department: For discussion: What are the purposes of digital images (web, conservation records etc.)? Why are images being created at the Hermitage (print, web).

3. Digital preservation to broaden scope beyond images; how to you maintain the 0s and 1s? 90 minutes

4. Final Q&A 30 minutes

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