Fabrication of Salt print and Early Daguerreotypes, George Eastman House, June 17 – 21, 2013

Rochester, Buffalo, USA, 12-28 June 2013


1. Mark Osterman – an expert on the history of early photographic processes


1. Dr. Natalia Avetyan, Curator, Researcher

2. Dr. Marina Kozlova, Researcher

3. Natalia Laytar, art restorer 2 category

4. Tatiana Sayatina, Head of the Laboratory

Photographic techniques studied and reproduced by participants:

  • Photogenic drawings, Talbot method
  • Direct positives, Bayard method
  • Salt prints, not toned
  • Salt prints, toned (gold toning and Sel d’or)
  • Wax coating of salt prints
  • Early Daguerreotypes, Daguerre method (preparing the plate: cleaning, polishing, sensitizing; exposure, developing and washing). Concluded with creating of protective enclosure)

All practical work was preceded with theoretical lecture and demonstration of samples from museum collection

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