Managing Conservation Imperatives across Decentralized Collections Workshop, The State Hermitage Museum, January 29-31, 2013

Instructor: Anne Cartier-Bresson


December 29

10:30 am – 1pm

Introduction and presentation of the workshop

Presentation of the participants

History of conservation-preservation in France and current situation of the discipline

Presentation of the ARCP

The ARCP’s technical branches: preventive preservation

  • conservation
  • reproduction
  • documentation

3 pm – 5 pm

Terminology’s issues for photographic conservation

The Photography Technical Vocabulary: discussion around the acquisition questionnaires made by the ARCP

Identification the photographic processes in a conservation workshop

December 30

10:30 am – 1pm

Visit of a photographic collection, Russian History and Culture Department (curator Natalia Avetyan): Menshikovsky Palace.

3 pm – 5 pm

Programming and prioritizing the interventions

December 31

10:20 am – 1pm

Case study:

  • preventive conservation
  • conservation
  • documentation at the ARCP
  • reproduction at the ARCP
  • preparing the exhibition of patrimonial photographs: “Eloge du Négatif”

3 pm – 5 pm

Case study of preservation and final discussion

Hermitage’s collection

Documentation file.

February 1

Trip to new facility Staraya Derevnya

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