WAAC Meeting Preview

The following is the preliminary list of papers to be given at the Las Vegas Meeting. (Note: Some titles are descriptive titles only and were not submitted by the authors.)

Conservation of "The Rose" by Jay De Feo

Thornton Rockwell, Anne Rosenthal and Niccolo Caldararo:

Robert Graham's Olympic Gateway at the Los Angeles Coliseum

John Griswold and Leslie Rainer

Soot as an Indigenous Pigment: An Example Derived from and Ethnographic Account of a Chumash/Kitanemuk Soot Collector and Some Comparisons from Cultures

Mitchell Hearns Bishop

Archaeological Textiles and The Case for Collection Management or If You Can't Beat 'em Join 'em

Vicki Cassman:

From the Twilight Zone: The Pink and Blue Syndrome in Contemporary Art Papers

Anita Noennig

Process & Materials Used in the Production of Desk Top Computer-generated Documents

Eleanore Stewart

Gas Chromatographic Investigations of Organic Materials in Art Objects

Herant P. Khanjian and Michael R. Schilling

Conservation on Target (The treatment of Jasper Johns' "Target With Plaster Casts", 1955)

Chris Stavroudis

The Conservation and Restoration of the Astoria Column, Astoria, Oregon

Frank Preusser and J. Claire Dean

Paper Conservation: A Framer's View

Don Francis and Lillian Davis

Ponds and Pictographs: The Conservation of Pictograph Cave, Billings, Montana

J. Claire Dean

Carpet Damage from Routine Maintenance Procedures

Stan Derelian

New Recommended Lighting Practice Guidelines and Death to COOL WHITE! Major Changes in Lighting

Daniel Howell

Ancient Maya Monumental Painted Stucco Sculpture: Characterization and Conservation

Eric Hansen

The Treatment of Georg Herold's "The Bow"

Ria German: Defying the Law of Gravity

"Passing the Hat (Mask)": How Computer Documentation Facilitated the Successive Treatment of a Ptolemaic Cartonnage Mummy Mask by Two Conservators

Susan Lansing Maish and Julie Unruh

TASS Window Posters: Russian Propaganda from World War II

Karen Zukor

Conservation of Paintings Produced for Photographic Reproduction: The Work of Joseph Christian Leyendecker

Neil C. Cockerline

The Examination of Mexican Master Paintings from the Jacques and Tatasha Gelman Collection

Paula DeCristofaro

The Conservation of Navajo Silver

Landis Smith

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