1999 WAAC Annual Meeting

November 15-16, 1999

San Francisco, CA


WAAC holds an annual meeting where conservators meet and present papers. The meeting is held in the fall in a different location each year. Annual meetings in previous years have been held in places like Timberline Lodge, Las Vegas, Sequoia National Forest, and Hawaii to name just a few. The 1999 WAAC Annual Meeting will be held at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art on November 15 & 16, 1999. In addition to the usual mix of papers on various conservation topics, the 1999 program will take a look at some of the more far-reaching effects of what we do--the why and how of what we change that comes down to us. By exploring this notion of intervention with others including landscape architects, architectural historians, art historians and archeologists our shared contributions to the creation of cultural memory will be discussed.

For more information about the program, contact:

Jill Sterrett
WAAC President
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
151 Third Street
San Fransisco, CA 94103
tele. (415) 357-4053
FAX: (415) 357-4109
email: jsterrett@sfmoma.org

For conference registration information, contact:

Heida Shoemaker
WAAC Secretary
1533 Bonita Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94709
tele. (415) 357-2873
FAX: (415)357-4109
email: hshoemaker@sfmoma.org


1999 WAAC Annual Meeting

November 15th and 16th

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

While the talks listed below are confirmed, the following schedule is only a rough indicator of the sequence of presentations. Actual times and the final sequence of the talks will be included in the meeting packets distributed to attendees at the conference.

Monday, November 15th

At the End of the Century: Values and Assumptions in Conservation

Keynote Address

David A. Ross

Director, SFMOMA

Searching for the Ox: Personal Encounters with Impermanence

John Burke

Systematic Interventions, Unexpected Consequences

Jane Wolff

Conservation in the Late 20th Century: A Personal View

Glenn Wharton


Bob Futernick


Resolving the Conflict Between Exhibition and Conservation

Kevin Brooks

Toby Raphael

The Appearance of Weathering Steel

  1. Patrick Gallagher

Separation Anxiety: the Conservation of 5th Century Sanskrit Manuscript on Birchbark

Susan Batton

Threads of Light: Chinese Embroidery from Suzhou and the Photography of Robert Glenn Ketchum

Jo Hill

Tuesday, November 16th

16th and 17th Century Rustic Grotto Architecture

Historic Research and Conservation Issues

Leslie Rainer

Conservation of Edward James' Las Pozas Monument

N.J. Bud Goldstone

Factors to be Considered in the Evaluation of a Traditional Lime Plaster Technology: Use of an Aqueous Extract of Nopal (Opuntia spp., Cactaceae)

Eric F. Hansen, Susan Baron, Andrew Kindon, Joy Keeney, Michael Schilling

The Conservation of Outdoor Murals: Has the Profession Done Enough?

Will Shank

The Destruction of Two Architectures? Large-scale Contemporary Art Deinstallation and Reinstallation and The Nitty Gritty-Theory Meets Reality

Dr. Duane R. Chartier

Susanne E. Friend

The Conservation of Animation Art

Ron Stark

The Efficacy of Using Mat Boards Containing Zeolites in Passepartout for Works of art on Paper

Terry T. Schaeffer, Chail Norton, Victoria Blyth-Hill

A Partly Non-aqueous Enzymatic Removal of Silk Gauze Linings from Iron Gall Ink Corroded Manuscripts

Dirk Schonbohm

Rebacking Leather Bindings

Dominic Riley

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