Annual Meeting


Western Association for Art Conservation

2004 Annual Meeting & Conference

Santa Fe, New Mexico
October 2-4, 2004

Bandelier National Monument, Cave Kiva

Registration includes a 4-day Museums of New Mexico pass!


A very limited number of Scholarships (Registration waivers) will be made available for members of the greater Santa Fe community involved in the preservation of traditional culture. Those wishing to apply should send a resume and a letter of interest to: WAAC President, Molly Lambert, 1334 Derby Street, Berkeley, CA 94702 or e-mail (or fax 510.849.3812) by September 8th.

Please note: All speakers must register.

There will be no space available for vendors this year.

All non-member registrations include a WAAC membership through December. Single-day attendance is offered on site only (and as space allows) at $50 per day.


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