Annual Meeting

Western Association for Art Conservation

Annual Meeting & Conference

Palm Springs CA
Oct 22-25, 2012

Area Hotels

Places to Stay

"These hotels, and the prices, are listed for informational purposes only. WAAC has not block booked any rooms at any hotels in Palm Springs. The prices were found from a variety of sources and may not accurately reflect the price you will be quoted at the time of booking

Twin Palms
$2600 per/night with a 3 night minimum stay - although I doubt anyone will stay here, I had to mention that you could stay at the place that Frank Sinatra shared with Ava Gardner!

Riviera Resort and Spa
1600 North Indian Canyon Drive
$219 and up

Korakia Pensione
257 South Patencio Road Palm Springs, CA 92262
$194 and up.

The Spa Resort Casino
401 East Amado Road, Palm Springs, CA.

Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel
88 East Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, CA

The Hyatt Regency
285 North Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA

Hotel Zoso
150 South Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA

Palm Mountain Resort and Spa
155 South Belardo Road, Palm Springs, CA

400 East Tahquitz Canyon Way Palm Springs, California 92262
[note: this is the conference hotel of the Western Museums Association]

Movie Colony Hotel 92262
726 North Indian Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA

Caliente Tropics
411 East Palm Canyon Drive Palm Springs, CA 92264
$58-$185 varies by week

Ace Hotel
701 East Palm Canyon Drive

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