Annual Meeting

Western Association for Art Conservation

Annual Meeting & Conference

Seattle, Washington
Sep 17-20, 2013

Caffeine, Food, and Alcohol

Downtown Seattle

Our very own restaurant, Taste, is more than capable of satisfying your coffee, lunch and happy hour needs. If you suspect you will be lunching there, stop by or call to make a reservation or choose a sandwich from the grab and go station. Seattle Art Museum:
TASTE Restaurant at SAM Downtown
1300 First Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101-2003
Call for reservations at 206-903-5291 or make a reservation online.

Beyond our walls, downtown Seattle has an abundance of places to eat, drink and get caffeinated. The Public Market is one block from the museum, there is an abundance of food truck fare near the museum and, in case you really can't choose, here are some further suggestions:


Caffe Ladro
108 Union Street, 206-267-0600

Cherry Street Coffee House
1212 1st Avenue, 206-264-9372

Fonté Coffee & Wine Bar 1321 1st Avenue, 206-777-6193

Ancient Grounds
1220 1st Ave, Seattle, WA
Hours: Closed on Monday.98101
Phone: 206-749-0747

My favorite coffee shop is Ancient Grounds, one block south of the museum, but please don't all go there at once

The original Starbucks

Of course, this is the town where it all began: The original Starbucks is located in the Public Market and you can listen to some terrific buskers while you wait in line for you triple mocha frappucino.


Japonessa Sushi Cocina
1400 1st Avenue, 206-971-7979
Long Provincial Vietnamese Restaurant
1901 2nd Avenue, 206-443-6266
Wild Ginger Asian Restaurant & Satay Bar
1401 3rd Avenue, 206-623-4450
Le Panier
1902 Pike Place, 206-441-3669
Piroshky Piroshky
1908 Pike Place, 206-441-6068
The Crumpet Shop
1503 1st Avenue, 206-682-1598
Café Campagne
1600 Post Alley, 206-728-2233
Maximilien in the Market
81A Pike Street, 206-682-7270
Il Bistro
93 Pike Street, 206-682-3049
The Pink Door
1919 Post Alley, 206-443-3241
Tulio Ristorante
1100 5th Avenue, 206-624-5500
IGA/Kress Supermarket
1427 3rd Avenue, 206-749-9500
Pike Place Market
Main entrance at Pike Street and 1st Avenue
1401 2nd Avenue, 206-494-3250
Taste (at SAM)
1300 1st Avenue, 206-903-5291
Dahlia Lounge
2001 4th Avenue, 206-682-4142
89 University St, Harbor Steps, 206-623-2101
Matt's in the Market
94 Pike Street, 206-467-7909
Steelhead Diner
95 Pine Street, 206-625-0129
Serious Pie
316 Virginia Street, 206-838-7388
Owl n' Thistle Irish Pub
808 Post Alley, 206-621-7777
White Horse Trading Company
1908 Post Alley
Elliot's Oyster House
1201 Alaskan Way, 206-623-4340
Ivar's Acres of Clams
1001 Alaskan Way, 206-624-6852
Lowell's Restaurant
1519 Pike Place, 206-622-2036
Pike Place Chowder
1530 Post Alley, 206-267-2537
The Brooklyn Seafood, Steak & Oyster House
1212 2nd Avenue, 206-224-7000

The Brooklyn also has a terrific Oyster bar

DiLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine
1435 1st Avenue, 206-622-0141
Harried & Hungry Café
1415 3rd Avenue, 206-264-7900
Michou Fresca
1904 Pike Place, 206-448-4758

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