Annual Meeting

Western Association for Art Conservation

Seattle, Washington
Sep 17-20, 2013

Annual Meeting & Conference

Getting To, and Around the Area

Transportation to/from SeaTac airports

SoundTransit Link light rail runs between SeaTac airport and downtown Seattle every 7-15 minutes. The trip takes approximately 40 minutes and the one-way adult fare costs $2.75.

Taxis charge a flat-rate of $40 between the airport and downtown Seattle locations and there are several shared ride van options.

Transportation around Seattle

The Seattle Art Museum is located in the heart of downtown Seattle, within easy walking distance of shops, the market and hotels. The Museum is served by Seattle Metro buses in the University Street tunnel station and along First and Third Avenues. Buses run between all conference venues and details will be provided in the registration pack.

Additionally, car-sharing is available from Zipcar and Car2Go and you can always call or hail a cab: Yellow Cab 206-622-6500.

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