Annual Meeting

Western Association for Art Conservation

Annual Meeting & Conference

Pacific Grove, California

Angels Project

September 30 - October 2, 2015

The Carmel Mission, founded in 1771, is one of the twenty-one original California missions founded by the Franciscans in the 18th century. The founder of the missions, Father Junipero Serra, used the Carmel Mission as his home base. The Mission is a national historic landmark with a functioning parish and a museum. It attracts thousands of visitors a year. This year will be particularly special, as Pope Francis will be canonizing Father Serra the very same week as the Angels Project.

The museum collection of about 1500 objects encompasses a range of artifacts documenting this unique early period of California history. The collection includes the oldest adobe house in California, period vestments, furniture, tools, paintings, religious sculptures, and a 900-volume library.

Taking advantage of a unique opportunity afforded by a planned 2016 renovation and the hiring of a new collections manager, the Angels will closely examine a part of the collection while it is being temporarily taken off display. Sixteen small figural sculptures have been selected for this project. These carved wood and wax figures are decorated with a rich variety of finishes and associated textiles. The Angels will conduct a survey of these objects, focusing on materials, techniques, condition, and treatment possibilities. Some basic first aid will be carried out as well.

Participants will be offered a short tour of the Mission at the start of the day.

The project is limited to 15 participants. To indicate your interest, please email Catherine Coueigoux at

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