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2015 Annual Meeting
Pacific Grove, California
September 30 - October 2, 2015

Call for Papers

Angels project:
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WAAC Newsletter
WAAC Newsletter Now Includes Video

Authors who are submitting an article for publication in the WAAC newsletter are now invited to include a video component, if appropriate. The video component is intended to illustrate a specific section of a written article - serving as a "video illustration". In this sense it is analogous to a traditional figure (a drawing or photograph) in a written article. See Video Submission Guidelines


All back issues of the WAAC Newsletter through Vol. 34, number 3, are now available online and we have now returned to the policy of waiting 6 months after publication to post an issue online, in deference to those who actually pay for the Newsletter.

Starting with volume 25 (2003), the Newsletter is presented in PDF, and you can read either individual articles and columns, or the entire issue as in the printed version.

Feature articles are best read as spreads, for illustration placement, etc., however they are posted as single pages so that they can be printed easily.)

Hard copies are still available

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