Volume 15, Number 1, Jan 1993, pp.33-34


Rosanna Zubiate-Brenner, column editor
American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works 1993 Membership Directory (book) AIC, 1400 16th Street- Suite 340, Washington, DC 20036. 268 pages. $53 postpaid. Prepaid orders only, in U.S.$ drawn on a U.S. bank.

The directory contains organized listings of AIC members by name, speciality, and geographic region; an index of conservation administrators, educators, scientists, and conservators in private practice; listings of regional conservation associations, training programs, funding agencies, as well as conservation organizations in the U.S. and abroad; the complete text of the AIC Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice; and information from nearly 40 conservation suppliers and services.

from AIC press release

Journal of the American Institute for Conservation (periodical) AIC, 1400 16th Street-Suite 340, Washington, DC 20036. Three issues per year, 120 pages per issue. 1993 subscription rate: $63 (U.S.), $81 (foreign). Prepaid orders only, in U.S.$ drawn on a U.S. bank.

The Journal is a thrice-yearly periodical which contains articles on current issues and technical procedures. Coming in 1993: Protection of Archival Materials from Pollutants, Isinglass for Paintings Conservation in Russia, Textured Panels in 19th-century American Painting, Harvard Glass Flowers: Materials and Techniques, Conservation of Immovable Property: Ethical and Practical Dilemmas, Papers from the 1992 annual meeting in Buffalo, New York, Book Reviews, and more.

from AIC press release

The Mark of the Maker (VHS or 16 mm) McGowan Film & Video, Inc., 4926 N. Wolcott Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60640; 312/271-0793. Color, 28 minutes, 5-day rental $125, VHS purchase price $285, 16mm purchase price $450. Free preview available.

A documentary on hand papermaking, the film explores Kathryn and Howard Clark's establishment of Twinrocker, a hand paper mill they built on the family farm in Brookston, Indiana, and their successful efforts to create a market for their product. The process of making paper by hand is demonstrated, as well as the reasons various artists use handmade paper. This film was an Academy Award nominee (documentary short subject), and has won other film awards.

from McGowan publicity

HTECH-L@SIVM.BITNET History of Technology mailing list

A new list for discussion of the history of technology has been established. Subscribe by email to LISTSERV@SIVM.BITNET. Message area should read: Subscribe HTECH-L <your first name> <your last name>

Manchester 1992 Conference Papers (papers presented during the April 1992 Institute of Paper Conservation Conference), edited by Sheila Fairbrass, 46 papers, 270 pages, illus.; text in English with summaries in French and German.

You are advised to order promptly. The edition is limited to 1,500 copies, 500 of which are reserved for conference delegates, who will each receive one free copy. Price: 1992-93 IPC members: $40 (20 pounds sterling); nonmembers $60 (30 pounds); air parcel post $10 (5 pounds) extra. Nonmembers can join and order the Conference Papers simultaneously, saving $20. Cost to join for 1992-93 including Conference Papers is $116 (58 pounds). You can pay with Mastercard or Visa (give card number, expiration date, billing address, sum authorized in U.K.pounds--not dollars--and sign your order. The Institute of Paper Conservation, Leigh Lodge, Leigh, Worcester WR6 5LB, England.

from IPC publicity

Acidic Deposition: State of Science and Technology, Report 21, National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program, 722 Jackson Place NW, Washington, DC 20503.

Includes a major section on "The Distribution of Cultural Resources at Risk," and subsections on "Distribution of Historic Stone Architecture," "Monuments and Outdoor Sculpture," "Preservation Practice," "Preservation Costs," and "Research Needs."

Welcome to...The Safeguarded World of Art Materials, National Art Materials Trade Association (NAMTA), 178 Lakeview Avenue, Clifton, New Jersey 07011; 201/546-6400.

This 16-page brochure written by Zora Sweet Pinney answers many questions about how to use art materials safely. Topics include the Labeling of Hazardous Art Materials Act and ASTM-D4236; understanding inhalation, ingestion and absorption; tips on safe and healthful work habits; and more. Specific media are discussed, and resources are listed for obtaining more information.

Insect Pests in Museums, by David Pinniger, Archetype Publications, 1990, 48 pages, illus., bibliography, paperbound; source: Archetype Publications Limited, Hall Square, Denbigh, Clwyd, LL16 3NU, U.K. Fax (0745) 813484.

Author is a research entomologist with the Ministry of Agriculture, U.K. He regular lectures for the Institute of Archaeology Summer School about insect control in museums and care of collections. This booklet gives brief general information about insects then more about carpet, fur and hide beetles; clothes moth; biscuit beetles; spider beetles; book lice; silver fish; cockroaches; ants; furniture beetles; death watch beetles; longhorn beetles; powder post beetles; bostrychid beetles; termites; mites. Sections on looking for and trapping insects, pest control strategy, insecticides, and more.

US/ICOMOS Committee on Earthen Architecture Newsletter, a special issue of the US/ICOMOS Newsletter., No. 7, 1992.

The US/ICOMOS Specialized Committee on Earthen Architecture has produced this first annual newsletter which presents current activities of North American professional working in earthen architecture conservation. Included in the newsletter are articles written regarding the many projects taking place in the United States, and by Americans abroad. The following are some article titles:


Technical Services Bulletin, Williamstown Regional Art Conservation Laboratory, Inc., Fall 1992, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 1-4.

The first issue of the Technical Services Bulletin has been published, and is "the first in a series designed to keep you, our clients and other interested readers, informed of updates in services offered and projects of interest." The Technical Services Bulletin is edited by James Martin, Head, Technical Services Department, and is published by the Williamstown Regional Art Conservation Laboratory, Inc.

Tribal Rugs, by James Opie, Tolstoy Press, P.O. Box 40405, Portland, Oregon 97240, 324 pages, 356 illustrations, 291 in color, $95.00 per copy.

"James Opie's long awaited book, Tribal Rugs, is a lavishly illustrate tour de force with 291 color plates, including scores of historical photos of tribespeople at work and in their tents. Filled with the cream of European and American tribal rug collections, Tribal Rugs will be published simultaneously in England, Italy and the United States in October."

press release

Bread and Salt, Iranian Tribal Spreads and Salt Bags, by Parviz Tanavoli, Tolstoy Press, P.O. Box 40405, Portland, Oregon 97240, $75.00 per copy, plus postage.

"Bread and Salt gathers a harvest of special-purpose nomadic weavings, mostly pictured in color. It emphasizes the role these objects played--and still play--in Iranian tribal cultures. This book affirms the possibility of combining practical knowledge, scholarship, and love of a people and their art, all in the form of an enjoyable treatise on a colorful and fascinating subject."

press release

Preserving Field Records: Archival Techniques for Archaeologists and Anthropologists, by Mary Anne Kenworthy, Eleanor M. King, Mary Elizabeth Ruwell, and Trudy Van Houten, The University Museum, The University of Pennsylvania, 1985; paperbound, 102 pages, price $9.95. (publisher address: 33rd and Spruce Streets, Phila., PA 19104, phone: 215/898-4124)

"Written by staff members of The University Museum Archives, this manual provides information on systematically organizing and preserving notes from the field. Topics include preservation of records, technical details of paper, film, tape, and other media; and storage of records."

publisher publicity

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