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These resources are listed here as a service to the conservation community. Listing here does not imply endorsement of any products or services offered by these entities nor does absence of a listing imply any criticism of a product or service.

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Conservation Directory

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This directory lists the subscribers to the ConsDistList, a project of the Foundation for the American Institute of Conservation. If your information is outdated, incomplete, or missing, please send in corrections via the registration form.

This embedded sheet lacks certain functions. See the "Key and Instructions" tab (at the bottom of the sheet) for additional options. Or, see the directory as a Google Sheet.

Other sources

Other directories within CoOL

Commercial Services, Suppliers, etc.
For-Profit providers of conservation related services and supplies (it is limited to entities accessible via the Web).
Lists of suppliers/service providers, both for-profit and not-for-profit. These lists are not maintained by CoOL directly, but by various organizations and individuals. They include both web resources and info about entities not accessible via the web.
Organizations involved with / Allied to Conservation includes many not-for-profit providers of preservation-related goods and services (it is limited to entities accessible via the Web).

For information on selecting a conservator, see

Directories and Resources at other sites


"The purpose of the site is to provide private and public collectors and institutions the knowledge and information necessary to find a conservator who will best treat an object in need of conservation.

"Art-Care is the online art service community offering solutions and providing a choice for art patrons, museum curators, collectors, and anyone in need of professional conservation services. We've harnessed the power of the Internet to revolutionize art conservation by connecting people and knowledge, with highly personalized yet easy-to-use software and customized storefront Web sites for conservation professionals.

"All Art-Care member-conservators belong to the International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, and/or a local conservation guild. Members of these organizations are bound of codes of ethics and guidelines for the professional practice. Only Professional Associate and Fellow member are entitled to use the name AIC or their membership status with in AIC in advertising or in representing themselves to the public as professional practitioners (Reprinted with the permission from the AIC). Conservators or restorers who are not members of the AIC or IIC have been rated by current and former customers using the "Franklin Report Scoring Criteria". The professional credentials of each Art-Care member are noted in their individual listing.

"Art-Care is the brainchild of Judith Watkins Tartt, who has been working as a painting conservator for almost thirty years. ..."

Art-Care, Inc.
2105 R Street NW
Washington, DC 20008
Phone 202-426-2112
Fax 202-588-6370

Note that Art-Care is a commercial service in which member conservators pay a fee for listing.

California Public Arts Association (CALPAA)

"The mission of the California Public Arts Association is to be the central station for the world's public art projects, artists and organizations supporting public art. California Public Arts Association online services provide planning, artist outreach, and project management for your public art creation and maintenance. CALPAA's online tools allow you to create works of fine art that your community will enjoy for many years to come. From parks to storefronts, public art has become part of a design for better urban living. We believe cities should be designed for people, not cars."

"We recently launched a conservation module on our web site for conservator outreach with project documentation. You are able to post conservation projects or conservator profiles free of charge as we are in beta. Conservators will never be charged for our service. Conservation agencies will be charged upon completion of our beta. This saves an enormous amount of time and money. Small and large conservation projects are organized so the conservation agency can search, view and notify conservators by region, project and conservator name in real time. We also have an artist outreach service and our patent pending conservation services are the only services of this kind in the world."

The Conservation Link's Email Directory
An email Directory of Swedish Conservators, browsable by name and specialty

Indoor Air Pollution Working Group
Directory of people connected to the IAP group, or working with indoor air pollution and museum collections

Canadian Association of Professional Conservators (CAPC)
Find a Conservator

This very valuable resource lists CAPC geographically and by specialty, indicating which members accept private commissions, accreditation status, as well as contact information.

Canadian Association of Professional Heritage Consultants (CAPHC/ACECP)
CAPCH Directory of ProfessionalsListing

CAPHC Members, in the following categories: Archivists; Building Specialists; Conservators; Craft & Trade Specialists; Cultural Tourism & Marketing Specialists; Educators; Environmental Assessment Specialists; Historians; Landscape Specialists; Museum Specialists; Photographers, Illustrators, Recorders; Planners; Public Sector Representatives; Other Specialists

Canadian Government
Canadian Government Employee Directory
Department listing

Restauratieloket offers a service for finding restorers in Europe. (In Dutch)


The Worldwide Email Directory of Anthropologists (WEDA) is a searchable directory of anthropologists and scholars in related disciplines from around the world. Here, anthropology is meant in its broadest sense, to include not only those in the four subfields of anthropology (archaeology, physical and social/cultural anthropology, and linguistics), but also scholars in the physical and social science, as well as those in the humanities such as art historians, modern and ancient languages, and classical studies. The names and mailing addresses of academic & research institutions, museums, government and private organisations, individual scholars, journals, laboratories, and electronic databases are listed. Each entry includes the regular street/postal address, telephone and fax numbers, and then the names and email addresses of faculty and staff members.

Health & Safety
Safety, Health, and Environmental Consultants (SIRI)

Musical Instruments
Directory of the Music Industry

Includes registry of musical instrument repair technicians, and directories of instrument makers, musical instrument manufacturers, trade associations, publications, educational resources, and suppliers


International Directory of Photography Historians

Alternate Photographic Processes, a directory of photographers around the world who practice so-called 'alternative' or 'non-silver' photo processes. These processes include Cyanotype, Kallitype, Platinum/Palladium, Van Dyke and Gum Bichromate among others.


Including mycologists, ichthyologists, herpetologists, plant taxonomists, etc.

Collections Managers Online

Board Certified Forensic Entomologists

"This is a complete listing of all current Board Certified Forensic Entomologists, certified by the American Board of Forensic Entomology."

International Fan Collector's Guild
Resources list (Conservators who work on fans)

U.S. Government and related agencies
Department of Energy
General Services Administration
House of Representatives
National Library of Medicine
National Science Foundation

General Directory Services

This group of resources consists of general (not discipline-specific) tools for finding people on the net. Some work better than others. Some of the info in this section has been lifted from documents at


A great collection of searchable directories for finding businesses, individuals, government agencies etc.

Internet Address Finder

A very useful database of email addresses, and you can add your own address while you're there

Four 1-1 Internet White Pages
Email locator and business finder, Area/mailcode lookups, etc.

Whois is an Internet service by means of which an organization can provide directory information about itself. Universities, firms, and other organizations often set up Whois servers that provide information about staff, students, and in some cases machines, and this can be a really valuable way to find who or what you're you're looking for. Unfortunately, to use Whois, you've got to know the address of the Whois server at the organization. MIT's Student Information Processing Board maintain a List of Whois Servers


The RTFM service at MIT runs a search facility, covering people who posted articles to the Usenet news service.


Many organizations now run Web directories of their own, so it's worth trying URLs like www.orgname.domain (replacing orgname with the organization's network name and domain with their likely domain name.

US Zipcode directories are available from

US Postal Service

Telephone system

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