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    There are a few changes to the ConsDistList, but you'll find it's very
    similar in most ways. Some notable changes:

        1.  It's going to run a bit more like a traditional mailing list. Your
        posts will not be edited before posting, though they will be moderated,
        and perhaps, sent back to you for corrections before being accepted.

        2.  It'll be a weekly, digest-only list, meaning you'll get new issues
        once a week, grouped together like before. For now, issues will come out
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    Please have a look at the revised list instructions at

    I'll post again soon with more updates as we work out additional updates
    around the archives, in particular, or other subjects that come up.

    Matt Morgan

Resources for Conservation Professionals

Conservation OnLine (CoOL) is a freely accessible platform to generate and disseminate vital resources for those working to preserve cultural heritage worldwide. Through the support of the Foundation of the American Institute for Conservation, CoOL is committed to growing and sustaining these resources into the future. As an authoritative and trusted source of information, CoOL serves to foster, convene, and promote collaboration.

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The content of CoOL comes from a variety of sources, and we hope that all users will consider contributing some material to the project. As you use the server, please pay attention to lacunae that you might be able to help fill. If this is your first time here, please read an important message about copyright. If you would like to contribute material to CoOL, please send a note to wh. To report problems or offer suggestions, select the   links at the bottom of each page.

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Glenn Whartonby Glenn Wharton
I am a Museum Studies professor at New York University - a new career that continues my habit of changing professions about every seven years. Over my career I shifted from being an archaeological conservator to objects conservator in private practice to specializing in public art, contemporary art, and finally time-based media at MoMA. I am not sure what this says about my own stability, but all these changes meant that I had to access new information fast about every seven years. Read more


A sample of areas covered on this site...

Conservation of Cultural Property: Art conservation, Paintings conservation, Paper conservation, Photographic materials conservation, Book conservation, Sculpture conservation, Objects conservation, Artifact conservation, Wood conservation, Textile conservation

Materials: Archaeological materials, Architectural materials, Archives materials, Artifacts, Artists' materials, Electronic media, Electronic records, Historic materials, Library materials, Manuscripts, Modern materials, Museum materials, Natural history collections

Subjects: Biodeterioration, Collections care, Conservation education & training, Conservation science, Conservation suppliers, Conservation treatment, Conservators, Copyright, Degradation of materials, Digital imaging, Disaster planning, Documentation, Ethics, Health & Safety, Intellectual Property, Library Binding, Mass deacidification, Mold, Pest management, Preservation-related organizations, Reprographics, Restoration, Terminology



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