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Re: [ARSCLIST] Looking for vintage open reel tape machine

For a truly portable (as opposed to 'transportable') recorder, I concur with others that the Ampex 601 might be adequate.

A machine to absolutely avoid would be the Ampex PR-10. (A later version whose model number I cannot recall was manufactured with 'solid-state' electronics.) My experience is that even with a great deal of care lavished upon it, one could not be made to pull tape past the heads in a stable fashion.

In my opinion, a Nagra IV represents THE golden age in analog recording. Through the 1980s, NPR engineers often used them (and even more frequently their mic preamps) when making studio recordings.

-Jan Andrews

Remember how you could link the electronics of a pair to give you four mic driving two transports? I remember that Minnesota Public Radio used to do that and record the announcer for concert series on location.

Bob Cham

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